Have We Lost Our Posture?

As the American Chiropractic Association note walking upright on two feet has advantages, but it also puts intense pressure on the spine, as well as on other muscles and bones. Add to this improper sitting, lifting, or reaching—and the normal wear and tear of working and playing—and you have the perfect recipe for back pain. That’s why back pain is the 2nd most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections. In fact, some experts say, as many as 80% of us will experience a back problem at some time in our lives.

Back injuries are a part of everyday life, but has it been always like this? The recent article and audio news clip from NPR suggests differently. I have the link below for you to check out.

For the people reading this article, I know you already know the power and effectiveness of chiropractic care for your pains. However, most people do not. If you know people suffering, let them know there is relief and have them call me.

Thanks ~Doc