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Here is Dana’s story:

“My name is Dana Santulli I am 55 years old. I have had benign vertigo for over 40 years. Nothing ever helped, it just had to run its course. I would miss work due to falling to the ground, feeling nauseous and dizzy. Before I went to Dr. Nadimi I was experiencing vertigo at least two to three times a week hours at a time. Since going to his office for the last 6 months, I have had ZERO vertigo issues. I am so glad I went to see him I have my life back. Dr. Nadimi and his staff are a delight. I would recommend him to anyone. You wont be disappointed he’s the best”.

Thanks so much for your great testimonial. You never know who else is going through what you did.

Yours in health,

Dr. Nadimi

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  1. Bruce S. Had lower and upper back pain to some degree every day and started taking Advil some times two per day to sleep sometime four, almost every day, as my condition seem to worsen I realized taking Advil was not going to help me in the long run, my wife suggested a Chiropractor however the first thing they all were concerned with was how are we going to get paid being on Medicare my allowance towards Chiropractic help is very limited after talking to several Chiropractors I called Advanced Spine & Sports Care , honestly their first concern was me and DR. Amir Nadimi did a great job of resolving my back issues , in one month time I was off Advil completely also his help is thoughtful, compassionate and friendly, if your in pain Doc (what I call him) will put a smile back in your day.